On Moving On

Life as we know it.

Or think that we do.

Always changing.

What we believe and might knew.


Our time is so short.

Still waters run deep.

Mountains don’t move.

But friends we must keep.


Live life to its fullest.

For we have to move on.

Wherever that is.

And towards a new dawn.


No one knows.

Where this journey leads.

Or the next goals ahead.

Even if the heart bleeds.


Darkness brings light.

And a new day.

New mountains ahead.

With others we belay.


When you open your heart.

To those that surround.

You risk getting lost.

But there is potential around.


Stay light on your feet.

So that others are there.

Being a leader.

Means someone who cares.


We all move on.

In work and in life.

Change is that constant.

Overcoming constant strife.


We know what we bring.

On this earth while we dare.

Keep your head up high.

And run like a mare.


We learn as we go.

And never look back.

Watch where we step.

And never a slack.


Sing high and sing loud.

So that others can rhyme.

We’re just on this planet.

For such a short time.


And never surrender.

To those without trust.

Laugh all the while.

You’ll never get rust.


Plan for the morrow.

Live the new day.

Have fun and deep breathe.

We’re all in the play.


This poem has no meaning.

But yet it might.

Give comfort to others.

Persevere through the night.


Climb tall and climb high.

Run far and run long.

Give it all that you can.

Make it your song.