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Principles for Climb Higher – Pursue Your Passion with Purpose

Principle 1 – Time for a New Trajectory

When we’re neither happy nor unhappy in lives, we may want to think of something that would bring us – and others – happiness and fulfillment. This requires a new trajectory for our life; a new direction to head in.

Principle 2 – The Signpost Says, “Turn Here”

Sometimes, we might see a sign that an opportune moment that inspires us to make a change, to go for a goal in our lives.  We do however, have to be open to looking for these signs and being aware of them.

Principle 3 – Resistance is Futile

When we are committed to making a change, our body and soul will constantly be drawn to our target. No matter how much resistance we face, we will want to stay focused.

Principle 4 – Clear the Debris from the Road

The best way to be focused is to clear the literal and figurative debris from your life. We may have to clean up our finances, past relationships and our emotional closets to have a calm mind.

Principle 5 – Find Your Spiritual Center

No matter what faith you follow, having a spiritual center will enable you to weather the storms that are sure to come in your journey.  Having something to believe in helps us to believe in ourselves.

Principle 6 – Failure is a Fantastic Teacher… and So is Success

We can learn more from our failures (real or perceived) than our successes. On the other hand, taking ourselves too seriously when we achieve something great, can cause us to be complacent

Principle 7 – Everybody Needs a Sherpa

A personal Sherpa is a combination coach, counselor and guide along your summit quest. They are not your servant, but they will give you honest feedback and advice along the way – provided you’re receptive to it.

Principle 8 – There Will Be Blood, Sweat, and Tears

No matter how well you prepare, there will be blood, sweat and tears along your expedition.  Knowing this in advance can help us overcome obstacles.

Principles for Climbing Your Personal Everest – Your Journey of Self-Discovery and Leadership

Principle 1 – End the inertia any way you can

Just like Newton’s law, an object in motion stays in motion unless changed by an unnatural force.  So are we; we must make the change to change the course and direction we are on.

Principle 2 – Overcome resistance with persistence.

When we start to make our change, we will meet resistance from within, from others and from our body and mind.  We have to have persistence; to stick with our plan to achieve our goals.

Principle 3 – See others as your guides

People in our lives can help serve as guides and coaches for us on our journey.  We can also give back by acting as guides in return to others.

Principle 4 – Release the emotional baggage that wears you down.

We all have history, memories and emotional baggage from our past.  We have to learn how to release these to move forward.

Principle 5 – Amid your own quest, give others a helping hand.

Sometimes, when times are hard, the best we can do is to help a fellow human being during their own hardships.  Lending a helping hand feels good and does good.

Principle 6 – Adapt and adjust in order to achieve.

During our journey we have to be able to course-correct and adjust as required; to chart a new course.  We may need to adjust our goals, reach for new targets or simply to head in a new direction to get to the finish line.

Principle 7 – To reach altitude, check your attitude.

How we view things affects how we react; our perception might be different from reality.  We can control our attitude – even if we can’t always change the circumstances.

Principle 8 – Attend to little things and make big strides.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in our lives.  Making some small adjustments, and taking incremental steps can help us make big strides in our quest.

Principle 9 – Harness the power of humor.

Having a sense of humor is a key ingredient towards managing change.  Oftentimes, the worst moments make the best funny stories – later; even if they don’t seem so humorous at the times.

Principle 10 – Fix your eyes on the prize.

When we start to make our change, we will meet resistance from within, from others and from our body and mind.  We have to have persistence; to stick with our plan to achieve our goals.

Principle 11 – Choose to make sacrifices so you can savor success.

No big achievement has ever been accomplished without sacrificing something in our lives.  We have to give up something to get something.

Principle 12 – Aim high – and then higher still

When we are fortunate enough to have reached our “personal Everest”, it’s time to think of a new summit for us to achieve.  Savoring the experience is great; inspiring us to climb higher is even better.


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